Director's view

The mountain is mythical and majestic. It lures and repels. The mountain calls me, and once I start
hiking, there is no way back. I translated that indescribable attraction to the mountain into a film
experience. I am interested in the mountain as it presents itself to any mountain hiker. Many
mountain films are about extreme experiences, alpinists or spectacular sports. To me, they ignore
the essence of the mountain.
During a hike you follow your own footsteps. You let go of your thoughts. It brings peace and you
encounter the beauty as a Buddhist. You allow yourself to be led through the environment.
Weighed down with only your backpack, you want to achieve the ultimate - that which you have not
achieved before. The landscape overwhelms you.
Walking in the mountains can seem safe and serene. And yet danger is everywhere. This you
realize when you find yourself unable to move forwards or to turn around. In these moments the
danger lies in overestimation or choosing a route that is above one's capabilities or perhaps fear of

This sense of togetherness connects all who share in this pursuit. Nature has me in its grip. The feeling that I am small and insignificant is spellbinding and overwhelming. Here I want everything to