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"BERG simply succeeds where others fail"

review by Vladislav Davidzon as part of article about Mestia International Film Festival


Though smaller regional film festivals often have a difficult time getting access to first-rate films, Berg by the Dutch filmmaker Joke Olthaar would have been every bit as visually impressive if had it premiered in Venice or Berlin. Berg (the German word for mountain) follows the adventures of three hikers connected by their own personal quests as they meander through the Slovenian Triglav mountain range.

It would not ruin the plot to say that nothing much happens during the course of the black-and-white film, which won the Grand Prix of the festival. Berg simply succeeds where other similarly themed films fail, as a gorgeous and formalist meditation on exploration and adventure. Having been prepared for the film and knowing exactly what to expect I made sure to down almost two entire bottles of Saperivi wine before attending the screening. I had finally made it to the top of the mountain, and here was bliss.

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