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October 8, in Samobor, Croatia at the International Sound and Film Music Festival the beautiful work of Rutger Zuydervelt and Hugo Dijkstal for the soundtrack of BERG is awarded for the best original score for documentaries.

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September 19, in Uzgorod, Ukraine at the Carpatian Mountain International Film Festival BERG received a special jury award.

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August 21, in Mestia Georgia the jury granted its Grand Prix 2022 to BERG for “a rare cinematic chance to meditate with the filmmakers and feel the pure and devine essence of the mountain.”

Best Experimental Feature - CIUDAD DE MEXICO INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL - 2022_edited.png

July 17, in Mexico City BERG was awarded with the prize for Best Experimental Feature. 

Mediawave award_edited_edited.jpg

On May 6 BERG reveived an Experimental Award for Outstanding Sight at Mediawave in Hungary. The festival took place in the remote village of Kiscsősz where there was a gathering of filmmakers, musicians and students forming a connected temorary community.


On April10 BERG won the special jury prize at the Ulju Mountain Film Festival in the Republic of Korea. The festival had a selection of 148 nature and adventure themed movies. Director Joke Olthaar and cinematographer André Schreuders had the chance to do a long live Q&A via a video-connection.

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On the 30th of September BERG won the Award of the 'Directors Forum competition' at the Netherlands Film Festival. "Powerful, sensory and rich in its simplicity.” (the report of the jury)

Schermafbeelding 2021-06-23 om 11.08.06.png

Runner up in the BGL Audience Award of the International Film Festival Rotterdam!

BERG has its world premiere at the International Filmfestival Rotterdam from June 2 - 6, 2021. We are happy to announce that physical screenings will be possible! 



June 4, 19.30h Pathe 4

June 5, 12.45h LantarenVenster 6
June 5, 19.15h KINO 4
June 6, 13.15h Cinerama 1
June 6, 21.15h Cinerama 5

The soundtrack of BERG is released. Available via Bandcamp.


This isn’t a regular ‘original film score’ album. After working on the sound design Hugo Dijkstal and Rutger Zuydervelt (aka Machinefabriek) decided to re-arrange the sound into one long 30-minute piece. That's the first track of the album.
The second track of the album is created in a much earlier stage of the BERG film. It was an attempt to create a soundtrack with guest Peter Hollo (Tangents, FourPlay String Quartet, raven) on cello. Peter and Rutger were in contact for years already, but this was their first time working together. Inspired by Joke Olthaar’s ideas about her film and what its music could embody, Peter recorded a few cello improvisations from his hometown in Australia. These recordings were re-edited and combined with Rutger’s electronics, into a half hour piece that served as a proposed base for the movie’s soundtrack. Further in the working process of the film, it was decided that the music needed another direction – a more minimal approach was needed, an approach that was more about adding texture and very subtle colour, and blending seamlessly with Hugo Dijkstal’s mix of nature sounds. The piece with Peter Hollo is preserved here on this album. The two tracks complement each other as a listening experience. 


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