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Joke Olthaar wins Award of the Directors' Forum

Director Joke Olthaar received the VEVAM Fund Prize of the Directors' Forum 2021 this evening in the theatre hall of the Neude Library. The jury, consisting of filmmakers Shady El-Hamus, Isabel Lamberti and Sandra Beerends, wrote about the winning film production: "Powerful, sensual and rich in its simplicity."

Eight Dutch auteur films were selected for the seventh edition of the competition programme Forum van de Regisseurs. Curators of this programme are film journalist and programmer Hugo Emmerzael and filmmaker Beri Shalmashi. This year, the focus was on the sensory experience of watching and the physical encounter between makers and audience.

The jury on the film Berg:

"There was one film that made us all stand still, a film that offers space for the viewer's own imagination, which makes the viewer experience, put into perspective and sometimes even disappear into that immeasurable nature, which imperturbably and almost imperceptibly tells its own story.

The jury praises the beautiful images of a cameraman who manages to capture his static subject in a surprisingly dynamic way. The sound design and editing also hit exactly the right note between what is 'normal' and the mystique that surrounds it."

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